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As an ecologist turned geographic information science (GIS) and remote sensing specialist,
​I am passionate about the conservation of wildlife and the environment.


Mongabay Highlights Yasuni Oil Extraction

December 03, 2019

This year Ecuador's indigenous communities had a landmark victory in court to keep oil extraction off of some Waorani lands. In nearby Yasuni National Park, deforestation related to oil extraction continues just outside of Waorani land. 

Integration and Application Network Blog

October 02, 2019

This week's blog with the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science focuses on environmental economics and valuation of the environment. 

Grand Prize Winner in AGU Data Visualization and Storytelling Competition

December 11, 2018

GEOG Ph.D. student Alison Thieme was selected as one of the grand prize winners for AGU's Data Visualization and Storytelling Competition. Alison's presentation is entitled "Earth Observations and Conservation: Protecting the Amazon with Imagery". It highlights the use of Landsat and high resolution imagery to inform policy decisions in the Amazon basin. Catch her presentation on December 11th between 12 - 1:15 pm at AGU's NASA Hyperwall. 

Katie Hill Campaign Maps

November 06, 2018

Katie Hill's campaign for U.S. Congress in CA's 25th district features maps made by Ms. Thieme. This swing district was a tight race. In the end, Katie Hill won her congressional race to be the first Democrat elected to the position in more than 25 years. 

The fate of Colombia’s forests

October 18, 2018

A recent Mongabay article discusses the potential fate of Colombia's forests and uses Alison's maps to illustrate recent deforestation in Colombia. 

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